A new funding opportunity is available for flood impacted residents and you can help make an impact. The Phoenix Foundation, Boundary Family Services, and the Boundary Flood Recovery Team have created The Path Home Fund.

Phoenix Foundation President Gary Smith explains how you can help. “People can donate through CanadaHelps. CanadaHelps takes 4 per cent but The Phoenix Foundation and Boundary Family Services are not taking any administrative fee, so that means 96 cents of every dollar is going directly to those in need or who have been affected by the flood.”

He also explains how the funds can help. “Well I mean it could go towards winter preparation, skirting around RVs and stuff like that to help keep out the cold essentially. But there’s all kinds of needs and it will hard to predict what those are.”

Smith adds this is something he’s wanted to do since May’s catastrophe. “It just seemed like a natural fit, I mean we’re about philanthropy right? So I mean if there’s anyway that we can help support the inclination of other people…”

He says the program recently received $6,500. Funds will be administered on an on-going basis based on needs, and recipients will be selected by case managers. You should apply for funds directly through Boundary Family Services.

To donate, click here.