The Boundary Community Food Bank is spending another holiday season helping the community of Grand Forks. Board Secretary Deb Billwiller says they won’t know how many donations they’ve taken in this month until January, but they seem to be on track for this time of year with a slightly higher demand.

She says December is a big month for giving. “December is a big month for people for giving, whether it’s food whether it’s funds, but really hunger happens all year round and the work of The Food Bank happens all year round. People are hungry in January and in March, in August….”

Billwiller adds that although it’s hard to name all the contributors involved, the community really does help out. “I know Hutton Elementary has had a few collections on our behalf and it’s been great, awesome, hundreds of pounds of food, as has the Global Citizenship Club at the high-school.”

She says this year’s Miracle Marathon raised just over $1500 for them. Often they find out about donations after the fact when donors drop off collections. On average the Boundary Community Food Bank serves about 4000 people throughout the year, and about 340 people per month. Some food supplies were distributed to the Christmas Hamper Program this year which is expected to break Boundary records, and they often try to increase the options for December hampers.