If you’re a rancher in the Boundary, here’s an event you might want to saddle up for. Sustainable & Profitable Ranching with Steve Kenyon is being hosted by The Kootenay Boundary Farm Advisors Program. Kenyon practices a range of techniques primarily focused on environmental sustainability and profitability.

Coordinator Rachael Roussin explains the event’s importance. “It brings people together to have presenters like Steve Kenyon come to our region. Steve Kenyon is sort of a rock-star in the ranching world, and to have a big-wig come to our little community and bring ranchers to talk about local topics that are relevant, really helps create that community and helps us identify the most pertinent issues.”

Roussin explains how the presentation is relevant to local ranchers. “Ranching is a large part of the Boundary economy, especially the Rock Creek, Greenwood, and Grand Forks area, and a lot of ranchers are usually practicing the putting the cows out on the range in the summertime and then bringing them back home for the winter. A lot of ranchers are also growing hay.”

The free presentation covers soil burning, water management, grazing plans, bale grazing, and economic viability. It hits Greenwood’s McArthur Centre from 1PM to 5PM January 10th. For more details on the event you can click here.