The City of Greenwood is ready for the new year following a busy 2018.

Mayor Ed Smith says one of the highlights was repairing the broken streets downtown. “That’s a new culvert under the road, it broke down with the floods of 2016 and in 17′ we got the culvert in, and finished the road paving and all in 2018.”

Smith adds that another highlight is the new lift station and emergency generator. It ensures residents have about an hour of water should The City’s power go out.

He says he hopes to continue planning for a seniors home in 2019. “It was brought up- we did a study about 5 or 6 years ago but nothing came up of it, and then of course with the breakdown of the streets and a few of the other things that were going on, flooding and all of the rest of it, it got kind of pushed to the back table.”

Smith also says they’re working towards developing a new campground. There’s only one member that’s new to Greenwood City Council while the rest are remaining, which Smith says is going pretty good.