The CanCo gas station in Grand Forks is grateful everything is back to normal following Wednesday’s propane leak. Manager Karendeep Singh says he was filling a propane tank when the seal on a nozzle broke. Singh says his first reaction was to get everybody out:

“I immediately look at the cars turning in the parking lot like ‘they are all shut down’ then I shut down the breakers, and told everyone to be away from that place and call the fire department; I called 911.”

He adds it’s important to remain calm in these situations:

“It’s never happened before so we learned how everyone has each-other, like don’t panic in these kind of situations… So that’s what we learned.”

Singh says everything is fine now:

“Everything is absolutely fine, the propane guys were here they checked everything and everything is under control. They did all the required treatments and everything is fine now.”

He adds they do have emergency plans in place for these circumstances, but it was the first incident of this nature they’ve experienced. Grand Forks Fire & Rescue successfully stopped the leak, and the area remained secure for about an hour to allow propane to dissipate. The incident lasted about 3 hours and saw a temporary closure of Highway 3, which was re-opened by 1:40PM.

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