A couple of events are being held next month to commemorate Phoenix Mountain‘s 50th year of operation. The Spring Fling Dummy Downhill event closes the season March 30th.

Area Manager Krisie Goddard explains:

“This year we’re having a gold hat party so basically design the best gold hat you can and you can win prizes and stuff, we have the Kettle River Brewing Company coming up to sell some of their local brewed beer out of Kelowna. We’re also doing a 50/50 draw and a barbecue.”

Registration for the Dummy Downhill Event runs 10am to 11am and starts at noon. All ski-runs remain open from 9:30am to 3:30pm that day.

She says The 50th Anniversary Celebration hits the ski-hill March 9th:

“We’re doing a kickoff pancake breakfast from 9 to 10:30, we’re doing events, lift ticket pricing of 5 dollars, we’ll also have a band starting at 12 o’clock. We do have another local brew company coming that day, same 50/50 draw, barbecue, and we’re also going to have a scavenger for the kids.”

Goddard says the hill has come a long way:

“They started out with only 3 little runs and a shack that was brought over from the mine, and throughout the years with the community support and donations of funds and gaming grants we’ve grown into a hill with 20 runs and great community spirit.”

Goddard adds the building came from the Granby Mining Company about 50 years ago and is still standing today.