Recent grant funding is helping the Village of Midway better support their seniors. The Village is 1 of 4 local recipients of age friendly grant funding through a program in partnership with the Province and Union of British Columbia Municipalities. The approximately $24,000 will allow the hiring of a Community Consultant to work with council and the public.

Mayor Martin Fromme the project will be community driven:

“They will work with the consultant to identify needs that are within our community such as transportation to medical services and other opportunities for seniors, we’ll focus on accessibility to buildings, we will work on what might be needed socially….”

He says they’ve already taken a number of steps:

“We have just got a replacement doctor so that we can keep medical facilities here, we work at having the blood and physio and so forth coming to Midway, and of course we have our wonderful Parkview Manor just across the parking lot from us here at the Village Office.”

Fromme says this project is part of what’s being discussed at Monday’s Public Budget Input Meeting at the Community Centre:

“We’ll be sharing at that meeting at 7 o’clock, this particular project and other things that council are doing, so we’d like to get the word out that people can come to this meeting and hear about this exciting project and give their ideas as to what is needed to make Midway a better place.”

The average age in Midway is about 60.