The Phoenix Foundation of The Boundary Communities is holding an information session in Grand Forks. This as the foundation’s granting season is on the horizon. The session aims to help grantees write letters of interest, know what information is being sought after and more.

President Gary Smith explains:

“This is an opportunity for those non-profits and charitable organization that are looking to apply for a grant through the Phoenix Foundation to do so, and get some info so that they’re best positioned to have a good application.”

He says there will also be presentations:

“There will be a couple of presentations like our granting financial so that people get an idea of how much we grant out to individual groups.”

Smith explains who can receive the grants:

“Any non-profit essentially, it could be a sports group, it could be an arts group, it could be a HAM radio club. It’s really really broad.”

The Phoenix Foundation has $57,000 available for granting, and has been supporting the community for 22 years now. This year the letter of interest window runs March 1st to 30th. The granting info session hits Studio A on 2nd Street, February 23rd from 2PM to 4PM.