Grand Forks RCMP’s crime statistics for the last quarter of 2018 were presented Monday in Council Chambers.

The City saw less sexual offenses, robberies, and auto-theft last year than in 2017, but theft from motor vehicles was up from 6 to 13. The City and rural Grand Forks saw less break and enters, but Christina Lake saw more than in 2017 and had increased calls for service. In total, the Grand Forks detachment received 57 less calls for service, and violent persons remained at 19. Property crime was also down for The City and rural Grand Forks but increased for Christina Lake. Drug Investigations were down for both rural and The City of Grand Forks but remained at 1 for Christina Lake. October, November, and December saw no homicides or attempted homicides reported to the Grand Forks detachment for both years.

In total Grand Forks RCMP responded to less motor vehicle collisions and fatalities. Impaired driving was slightly down and immediate roadside prohibition remained at 5. The City and rural Grand Forks experienced more mental health-related calls, but fewer files involving alcohol or drugs. Mental health-related calls were down for Christina Lake which also saw zero calls for domestic violence, the same as in 2017.