With the lineup ready, Owner and Organizer Chuck Varabioff says Cannafest 2019 is one of the most unique classic-rock festivals in Canada.

He says he’s excited:

“I’m looking forward to seeing 12,000 happy classic-rock fans who come, and it’s kind of funny I drive around and I listen to my playlist and it’s all Cannafest 2019 and it almost brings a tear to my eye just thinking about what I’ve done from 5 years ago, like absolutely nothing it started with 40 people….”

The Thursday night line-up includes The Iron Maidens, Great White, Night Ranger, and Vince Neil of Motley Crue. Friday August 9th features Asia with John Payne, Lita Ford, Eddie Money, Cheap Trick and a special guest. The Saturday night performers include Snake Oil, Firehouse, Warrent, former Journey vocalist Steve Augeri, and Bret Michaels.

Varabioff says many are asking about a lack of Canadian artists this year:

“I did put out a lot of offers to a lot of bands but unfortunately they were either booked up with other festivals or we haven’t heard back yet, so we decided to go more the American route this year.”

He adds he’s happy to do something different this year, and he’s already working on Cannafest 2020 behind the scenes.

Varabioff says the performers aren’t all that’s new this year:

“We will have a legal smoking area this year where people can actually smoke pot but again it’s like anything, like liquor or with anything else, you can’t come and get totally wasted and if you get totally wasted it’s illegal to be in the smoking or beer garden so we will have to monitor that.”

Cannafest 2019 goes August 8th through 10th at James Donaldson Park.