You won’t want to miss this year’s Emergency Preparedness Fair! RDKB Area E Director Vicki Gee is working with a local group dedicated to emergency preparedness, who is hosting this 2nd annual event.

She says it’s especially important to prepare for our region:

“We are having emergencies, and it’s not enough just to respond and deal with the long term after effects. We need to look at what we can do to prevent and prepare for emergencies so that there are less harmful and long lasting effects.”

Gee says there will be various agencies presenting:

“In the main hall of the fairgrounds we will have tables set up, and we will have agencies presenting individually and having one to one conversations with members of the public.”

There is also a list of speakers presenting later that day, including members of the Provincial Wildfire Branch, the RCMP Arsonist Taskforce, and Anarchist Mountain Community Fire Smart. Gee says one of the presentations is regarding the Regional District’s new Emergency Preparedness System:

“That system will allow residents to be able to self-subscribe and automatically get notifications in a manor of their choosing from the Regional District when there are emergencies.”

If this software was available in Grand Forks during last year’s flooding all 450 evacuation notices would have been delivered in 30 seconds. Gee adds their group formed after the 2015 wildfires and meets about 4 times per year. The event goes Sunday, March 31st, from 11AM to 3PM. It also features free coffee, snacks, organized activities, and more.