The McRae Creek Project is one takeaway from the Boundary Flood Recovery Update Meeting on Tuesday. Mike Tollis with the Recovery Team’s Environmental Pillar says a culvert blowout on McRae road washed out a log jam. Sediment then built up in the bottom of the creek blocking an outlet to Christina Lake.

He says it’s been a long process to be able to start the work:

“We went and looked at it the first time I think in June, and then we’ve been working on getting the permitting in place to be able to do something there for 10 months or something like that, it’s been quite a long process….”

Tollis says excavating only started a couple of weeks ago:

“A couple of weeks back we finally had everything in place, and we had the contractor go in and start excavating the material from there. So over the course of a week, they worked through the weekend which was super great, we pulled out 328 load of gravel from the creek bed.”

He adds they needed 4 other permits from the province after initially starting their Section 11. Tollis says the project is wrapped up asides from needing to transport the removed material. Some of the rocks will go towards protective works for the City.

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