Preparedness Week is almost here! The Boundary Flood Recovery Team is hosting the event Monday, April 8th, through Saturday, April 13th, with activities and workshops regarding emergency preparedness.

Deputy Team Lead for the Wellness and Unmet Needs Pillar Rachel Warriner explains:

“One of our goals was to be able to provide a lot of different workshops according to the needs that people are communicating with the Case Management Team here in the community. So talking about finances, talking about how we build a proper sandbag wall….”

Warriner adds that it’s the first event of this calibre:

“The first week of May is usually always an emergency preparedness week, however statistically in Grand Forks we’re usually preparing for freshet, so we haven’t done quite an extensive focus on being emergency prepared like this.”

Some activities include a flood preparedness Q&A, a round-table discussion on erosion reduction, trauma informed yoga, and a free family movie at The Gem. The big day is on Saturday with a free Elks pancake breakfast on Market Avenue.

Warriner says that’s not all that’s happening April 13th:

“We’re excited that Parliamentary Secretary Jennifer Rice is going to be back again and she will be giving a little address and a welcome to everybody that’s there, so we’re pretty excited that the Province has taken such a good look at us and are still running this race with us and supporting us….”

There will also be giveaways. The Canadian Red Cross is supporting all of the week’s activities. For a full schedule click here!