The first ever Forest March BC was a success! That from Organizer Jennifer Houghton, who says twenty-one separate communities throughout the Province came together earlier this month to rally in favor of changing forestry practices.

Houghton explains:

“People in the community, they’re chomping at the bit to do something about the state of the forests. People in BC love the forests, and they’re saddened and they’re also angry about the way that they’re being managed and the way that ecosystems are being decimated….”

Some event locations include Nelson and Winlaw, and turnouts reached as high as 150 attendants in some places.

She adds that 15 to 20 people came out to march for Salmo and Ymir:

“Salmo and Ymir combined their events, they walked towards each other and then they had lunch together.”

Houghton says about 50 people attended the Grand Forks march, including Mayor Brian Taylor:

“We had some booths with information about the state of the forests in Grand Forks, we also had information about something called Stop The Spray in BC.”

She adds the event was initiated by the Boundary Forest Watershed Stewardship Society. It also featured educational booths, activities, and a march with a sing-along. Houghton says they plan to make this an annual event.