A project proposal unique to Grand Forks recently came before city council, regarding Perley Elementary School. Last Monday morning city staff described the proposed “Re-Wilding Project” as a sort of outdoor classroom envisioned for the South-East corner of the school-field. The proposal includes the installation of a water-line and frost-free hydrant. Some purposes include enhancing outdoor exploration, creativity, measuring skills, and understanding of water science.

Councillor Chris Moslin says he wants to see a more formal request:

“I’m having a hard time Mayor, I don’t see any Superintendent’s signature anywhere, I don’t see the Principal’s signature anywhere, once that is started and the formal request is made then we can talk about contractors and costs.”

Councillor Niel Krog says he’s concerned about usage:

“My fear is, like some other projects in the past -not anything particular, this looks awesome and all you see two years from now is this little red thing sticking out where the lock gets broken or not broken depending on…. and nobody uses it.”

That morning the delegation was absent, but city staff later announced they would be moving forward with the process for an application for a water service, which is set to return to council chambers. Mayor Brian Taylor reiterated council’s request for a more formal process, including the negotiating of costs.