Last week Grand Forks city council voted to apply for funding for a Housing Now coordinator. The application is for $85,000 worth of Canadian Red Cross grant funding.

Mayor Brian Taylor explains that the City already voted to support Boundary Flood Recovery‘s request for a Housing Now coordinator at the April 23rd regular meeting:

“I think we supported it in principal, but we have to actually make that application for $85,000 for the Housing Now, which puts that position in place.”

Councillor Rod Zielinksi was one of the councillors concerned as to whether this position would simply consult with residents, or work along-side residents:

“Mr. Mayor, just to be clear: When I hired a contractor to help me with flood repair, they did flooring, and they did the work, they didn’t say ‘hey you should hire somebody to do it for me’….”

In conclusion, if successful in the application, the contractor would consult with and support residents with flood repair and rebuild assessments, and work alongside the City’s building inspector.