Composting was an item of discussion for Grand Forks City Council last week. This as the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is applying to the Organics Infrastructure Program for upgrades to its composting program. As City staff explains, potential upgrades would aim to produce a better quality of compost material. Council voted in favor of writing a letter of support, committing to supplying biosolids to the upgraded organics composting facility.

Mayor Brian Taylor explains:

“So this is basically saying to go ahead, to the Regional District, to look at some of these other things that will give us more capacity….”

Mayor Taylor says Grand Forks is already a Cadillac for organic diversion:

“The rest of the region is trying to catch up to us, and are saying ‘how come Grand Forks has this’ and it’s because we put out Valmar as an example of an experimental project and it took off from there….”

Staff says if the RDKB can allow bio-solids to be accepted through this grant, the City wouldn’t have to move forward with a similar application in their Capital Plan.

The news team has since reached out to the RDKB for more on their application.