Artists and art-lovers alike have about a week until the Rembrandt’s Attic: Gala Reception. Gallery 2 Arts & Heritage Centre hosts the event every 4 to 5 years, fundraising for arts and culture programming across the Boundary. It’s the sixth installment of Rembrandt’s Attic, and Director/Curator Tim Van Wjke’s first in attendance.

He explains how the event works:

“Every ticket purchase is guaranteed an artwork, so the exhibition is on display right now until May 25th, and then on the evening of the 25th everybody who’s bought a ticket can come to the closing reception and then we draw numbers….”

Wjke adds that the first ticket number drawn gets to pick from the entire exhibition, the second then picks from the remaining, and so-on.

He says there’s local, regional, future, and past artists being featured:

“So it’s a real mix of artists that showed here in the past, artists that have been long time supports of The Gallery, as well as some newer work that you’ll be seeing at The Gallery in the coming years.”

The Gala Reception goes at 7PM, May 25th, at Gallery 2 Arts & Heritage Centre in Grand Forks. To read more, click here!