River levels forecasted to quickly rise in the Boundary are currently being monitored by the Regional District. This because, as of yesterday, between 15 and 30 millimeters of rain were expected for the region over the next 48 hours.

The RDKB adds they’re working with the BC River Forecast Centre, who says the expected rise in river-levels would occur due to rain, not snow pack. The snow that remains now is about one third of the amount that remained in the mountains this time last year. The levels are currently below a two-year return, which is considered an average freshet for the Boundary.

If you see erosion or flooding, you can contact the Provincial Emergency Coordination Centre (1-800-663-3456). Emergency Officials will be monitoring levels and want residents to be aware of a possible rise, and to exercise caution around any waterways. You’e also encouraged to register for the RDKB Emergency Alerting System.