The 10th annual Christina Lake Homecoming Summerfest is already gearing up!

Donna Wilchynski with Christina Gateway Community Development Association says this year’s theme is “A Decade of Celebration” featuring a community time capsule:

“That is extra special because it’s a message that you’re going to bring to future generations, and it will be opened in 2029 in 10 years from now at that Summerfest.”

She adds they plan to include the school, community groups and sponsors in the project. Other events include live music at the Welcome Centre, July 12th, featuring the South City Dealers. More free entertainment hits the beach the day after, including Timothy Hurley and The Vultures, The Alley Cats, Dazzle Dance and Fitness dance troop and more.

Wilchynski lists some of the other activities:

“We’ve got the Artisan Market going on, the mini-car show, the kids fun zone with free ice cream, we’ve got the family beach party with a big barbecue going on down there, we’ve got water-slides on the beach that’s something new….”

She says it wouldn’t be Homecoming Summerfest without the grand finale!

“The last few years we’ve done the grand finale: The Light up The Lake Boat Parade, and this year is kind of neat too because it’s GYOB, or Glow Your Own Boat, where participants young and old can bring their floaties down to the beach to the glow tent, and get free glow paint to help us light up the beach!”

Wilchynski adds to download the Christina Lake Insider app, to collect points at the festival and redeem elsewhere around the lake. To register motorized or people powered boats for the boat tour click here. To register for the classic car show call 250-447-6165. The event runs July 10th to 13th and you can read more by clicking here, or click here to read about last year’s event.