The Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities invites you attend Vital Conversations being held across the region. Similar to the Phoenix Foundation’s community conversations, the event welcomes respectful conversation regarding community impacts. These conversations are regarding Vital Signs, a national program that takes five-year snapshots of different elements of communities, including housing, safety, and transportation.

Phoenix Foundation President Gary Smith explains how it helps:

“It helps inform policy, it helps us in our granting directions as we set sort of the focus of where we would like to see the grants directed, it certainly informs people who donate to the Phoenix Foundation who say ‘hey, we would like to donate to such-and-such’s fund’….”

He lists some key topics of discussion:

“The gap between rich and poor, safety, I mean these are all hotbed issues that we’ve been hearing about a lot lately with BC Housing and Citizens for a Better Grand Forks, you know, it’s been divided….”

Smith adds it’s important to approach these issues in a respectful and constructive manner instead of rallying in our own best interests. The events go June 14th at the Midway Community Hall, and June 15th at the Grand Forks USCC Hall from 6PM to 8PM. Light refreshments will also be served.