The Grand Forks RCMP Detachment has a new Sergeant!

Sergeant Darryl Peppler says he’s starting to get a feel for the community already:

“On my days off I’m walking around the downtown core, enjoying the restaurants, the coffee shops, the businesses, and while I’m on shift it’s the same thing I try to get out and meet as many people as I can. Unfortunately though I’m still in the ‘getting settled in’ phase right now.”

Peppler adds he’d always heard about the area and was eager to come. He says this is his fifth detachment since joining the RCMP back in 2000, and he was previously stationed in Hope for six years.

He says staffing can be an issue for all RCMP detachments:

“Our numbers are up considerably from what I hear from last year, although when we do have one person come in we’ll usually have one or two people leave. I do have a vacant corporal position that we’re hoping to have filled by the Fall.”

His predecessor, Sergeant Jim Fenkse, announced early last year that he would be leaving the Grand Forks position closer to the Winter. Peppler says that they could always use more staffing or resources at the detachment, although staffing levels are currently looking better than they have for a long time, adding that those things take time to develop.

He says the RCMP is doing their best to work through community issues:

“Whether it’s to do with property crime, drug use, even the social issues that’s facing this community such as the supportive housing…. we’re working with Mayor and council, BC Housing, we’re working with the community…. We need to find the best solutions and work with each other and not work against each other.”

Peppler encourages the community to report anything that they see that’s out of the ordinary.