The Seniors Society of Grand Forks, Branch 68, has a new Seniors Activity Centre: Veronica Lodge! The Society presented to city council in April inquiring about using the library’s basement, after their meeting space was lost to last year’s flood.

President Ian Taylor says there’s no longer a need for that:

“We had a gentleman come forward; he purchased the old Hardy View lodge over on the other side of the hospital, and he got in touch with us and we signed a lease with him to take that front half of it over and run it as our own society-lodge.”

He adds it’s on a two-year lease.

Taylor says the society is ecstatic:

“I’ve been here for 38 years and everybody that I’ve talked to so far, they really think it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to the seniors so far. Considering what our old hall used to be, this would be like going from a shack to a town-hall.”

Much work has yet to be done, as the 78th Avenue building was empty for a number of years. Taylor adds they aim to have 55 residences, and are waiting to announce the date for an open house for the community. You can reach Ian at 442-7067 if you’re interested in renting the hall, or for other relative inquiries.