A local non-profit group is gearing up for International Day of Peace. The Boundary Peace Initiative plans to hold an event featuring a 24-hour continuous live stream so people can watch from home. Entertainment is set to include dance, drama, music, guest speakers, a silent auction, and more!

Boundary Peace Initiative Coordinator Laura Savinkoff says B.C. Premiere John Horgan is planning to call in via teleconference, but that’s not all!

“As well we have the Grand Chief -BC Grand Chief Stewart Philip- and his wife, Joan, will be here. We have a Sinixt elder from Colville…. that is coming with the opening ceremony.”

Savinkoff says the event is also to commemorate the legacy of a founding member of the BPI who passed away to an overdose.

“It’s a way of leaving a legacy of Tyler’s involvement with the Boundary Peace Initiative because he was a founding member back in 2002…. Also, we need some funds in order to expand on that legacy.”

Savinkoff hopes this event will help the Boundary Peace Initiative host more events moving forwards, as well as bring in higher-profile activists. She also says that silent auction items can be donated. “Peace In, Peace Out!” hits the USCC Doukhobor Community Centre in Grand Forks, on September 20th at 4PM.