Cannafest kicks off tomorrow here in Grand Forks, and the RCMP detachment has put together a plan to help keep the streets safe. Sergeant Daryl Peppler says operations will include all regular members of the detachment, plus four additional ones.

Despite this he says the rock festival isn’t a concern for the local detachment:

“My understanding in speaking with the members that have been here for a few years, is that the crowd is generally well-behaved, it’s about the music not about the party seen. There will of course be alcohol-related incidents but from what I hear in the past they’re all very minor.”

Peppler adds RCMP will have eyes on the road, as well as foot patrol at the campground and festival. He says people should enjoy their weekend safely. However, it’s not just Cannafest keeping the RCMP detachment busy this weekend.

Sergeant Peppler says the correctional centre in the Okanagan where the detachment sends those that are in custody is currently being evacuated, so they’re having to hold their own prisoners for this weekend.

“It does occupy some cells, and you know this event we’re having with Cannafest it generally doesn’t create a lot of negative issues for us. It does put a little bit of strain on our resources, but nothing that we cannot handle.”

He adds the evacuation is because of wildfire.