The Boundary Forest Watershed Stewardship Society is concerned about the state of forest service roads in our area. The Society has penned letters to the government regarding the state of these roads, including the Miller Creek, and Bunchgrass-Wiseman forest service roads.

Society member Bob Keep, who says he worked in the industry for 38 years, explains the dangers:

“If they’re not maintained, the ditch-lines tend to get plugged and the culverts get plugged…. the water tends to collect on the roads themselves and they collect more and more water all the time…. and over time…. you could have some serious erosion problems, or even slides into creeks….”

Keep adds the roads in question are looked after by the forest service. He says Society members will continue to assess these roads, write these letters, and help ensure environmental standards are met here. Jennifer Houghton with the Society says members are also going to places that are flagged for future logging, or have had cut-blocks done, to help ensure the Province’s environmental standards protect our watershed the best they can.

She says they’re developing ways for you to get involved as well:

“We’re developing what’s called a Forest Watchdogs Program, and some of the folks that have been in forestry for a long time that have a lot of expertise and experience are going to be training other people to go out into the forests so that they know what to watch for…. they know how to report it….”

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