The Village of Midway’s Volunteer Appreciation BBQ and Community Garden Corn Roast is back.

Village Councillor Richard Dunsdon says the Appreciation Awards used to be held at the park, but after the Community Garden organization started hosting the event at the garden last year, attendance got much better!

“….And in conjunction with that, we had our annual corn roast as part of it, and that was kind of a big drawer, we had over 100 people I think last year.”

He says Midway runs on Volunteerism.

“The library, the museum, the community garden, just about everything is volunteer…. The manor in town here is volunteer, a lot of the board directors…. wow, we live on volunteerism!”

Dunsdon adds that besides the volunteer award, there will also be free food and opportunities to tour the garden, or buy corn. He says it was normal for about 15 people to be acknowledged nearer the beginning of the event’s run, to catch up, but now only one or two people per year receive the Volunteer of the Year award. The event hits the Community Garden on August 24th. and runs 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Volunteer nominations are being accepted at the Village Office until noon, August 15th.