The West Boundary Community Service Co-operative Association and Regional District of Kootenay Boundary are teaming up for an important opportunity. This as the RDKB has sponsored the Association’s application for a $500,000 BC Rural Dividend Program grant to help construct a meat processing and value-added facility in Rock Creek.

Frances Maika with the RDKB explains it’s importance:

“There’s not a lot of facilities like this, I believe that the closest one…. there’s basically no cut and wrap facilities between Creston and The Okanagan, and that’s a real gap…. That’s been identified, that’s well known, and so this project is a way to address that gap.”

She adds the likeliness of success depends on the application, which is being put together by the Association themselves. The deadline is this Thursday, August 15th.

Maika says there are still many steps to take:

“The category we’re applying under is Community and Economic Development, it’s quite a process, the application is still underway so it’s not completed yet. What the Board of Directors for the Regional District did is they said ‘yes, we identify this is a priority for the region, and we want you to go ahead and put fourth this application’….”

The proposed facility is set to be a part of a larger project, including a community centre. For more information, and to hear more from Area E Director Vicki Gee regarding said project, click here.