GRAND FORKS, B.C – It’s not only pumpkins being judged at the 109th Grand Forks & District fall fair.

Indoor and outdoor-grown cannabis will be scrutinized alongside more conventional produce at this years fair.
Contestants can submit between 3 and 5 grams of dried flower for a chance to win prizes in the first legal cannabis contest in the history of Grand Forks.

However, growers will have to impress a panel of judges, with one tough critic in particular.
Brian Taylor, a seasoned cannabis enthusiast and also mayor of Grand Forks says he will look, smell and feel the product to judge it the quality – but not smoking it.
“When you taste wine you spit it out, but you can’t un-inhale cannabis, and once you have had one type, the others get covered up by it, so it is really a poor measurement of quality”, he told

Instead Taylor says he will study the burnability and colour of ash to determine how well the product has been grown.
The fair runs September 7 – 8 in Grand Forks.