A Greenwood resident is sounding the alarm over an alleged jewellery scam. The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says a man approached her husband at a gas pump on Thursday night. She says the man said he needed gas, and tried selling her jewellery and gold that she thought was fake. She says he then became aggressive after they wouldn’t give him money, eventually forcing them to pay $40.

Constable Simon Bentley with Midway RCMP says to try and separate yourself from these situations should this ever happen to you:

“Our suggestion to people is to back out of the area. Go back into the store if you need to, get somebody to call 911. Get the police out to where you are -don’t confront them….”

Constable Bentley says there aren’t currently any suspects, but RCMP are already hard at work.

“We would like to track these folks down, we are actually in the process of reviewing video from the Canco at this time to see if we can identify the suspects in this matter. Because in any point in time when someone approaches you and demands or tries to coerce money, or anything from you for that matter, that does fall under the criminal code and that is an offense.”

He adds that he’s since received information of similar occurrences that weren’t reported to police, urging anyone who encounters similar situations to reach out to police as soon as possible. The victim also says she saw a woman and child in the man’s vehicle, which is described as a black, newer-model BMW-style SUV.