Christina Lake residents have an opportunity to help create a Water Utility Source Protection Plan. The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has an online survey where residents and visitors can help identify hazards and contaminants to both water quality and quantity.

“That’s not only the residents that are a part of the water service, it’s to all the residents, about how and what kind of ideas, or do they suggest any stakeholders? On how we can protect Christina Lake as a water source and the watershed that feeds Christina Lake, not only now but for future generations.” Manager of Infrastructure and Sustainability Goran Denkovski tells the MyGrandForksNow newsroom. “We have to look at not only Christina Lake as a lake for recreation, but we have to look at Christina Lake and the watershed as a source for providing potable water to the community around the lake. Because a lot of people tend to go there and want to boat and everything right? But it’s also to add awareness that this is the water that a lot of people are using for drinking….”

Denkovski says that following the survey information will be compiled, and a working group and stakeholders will begin efforts to make recommendations for improvement. Results from the survey will also be shared online. He adds that meetings with stakeholders are already taking place discussing options including engaging with forestry companies and shore-front property-owners. The deadline is September 30th.

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