Starting at noon tomorrow, September 18th, category three open fires will once again be permitted in areas including the Boundary Fire Zone. That from BC Wildfire Service.

Ashlene Aktarian with the Southeast Fire Centre says to ensure you’re burning permitted materials:

“What you can and cannot burn -that would fall under the Ministry of Environments open burning and smoke control regulations, so we ask people to have a look through those and just make sure that they’re complying with those.”

She says lighting your category three fire requires a burn register number first:

“This is completely free, and we just ask people to call the burn registration line….”

She explains why it’s important:

“….It’s just registering your burn with your location and contact details so the province can actually track these larger burns that are happening in the province, because we want to make sure that they’re not wildfires.”

Aktarian adds category three fires include any blaze over two meters high and three meters wide, or more than two piles burning at a time.

The burn registration line number is 1-888-797-1717. Click here for more details.