Another Friday, another Climate Strike in the region – this time in Grand Forks. This following strikes across the world influenced by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Joanne Waite, says she and her daughter, Aleyna Griffen, attended a Nelson Climate Strike recently:

“Last week over four million people around the globe, in 150 different countries, and over 3000 different events, they striked…. and I heard about it and I was kind of frustrated that there wasn’t anything happening in Grand Forks, and frustrated for my kids that their wasn’t anything happening so we got in the car and went to Nelson.”

Waite says it was a great day, and was thrilled to see a Climate Strike is coming to Grand Forks once she returned.

Griffen says two events are coming together tomorrow, on September 27th:

“Some students from a club at the local high-school have organized another “Fridays For The Future” and they’re both going to be at Gyro Park.”

She adds there’s plenty to learn:

“This is for the future, we’re all trying to make a better future here, and if you don’t know much then come, and there’s lots of people with lots of information that you can ask questions to….”

The Climate Strike hits Gyro Park at 12:30PM, September 27th.