The Union of BC Municipalities Convention of 2019 is wrapped up. Grand Forks City Council submitted four resolutions through the Association of Kootenay and Boundary Local Governments convention earlier this year. Resolutions brought forward this year were regarding additional rehabilitation detox centres, insurances practices during and after disasters, Disaster Financial Assistance, and more.

That from Councillor Christine Thompson, who says all but one of their resolutions made the floor:

“This was the largest UBCM convention they’ve ever had with the most resolution that they ever had, and some of them are approved in a block as was our first resolution. So that was recommended for endorsement by the Executive, and it went forward. The other two were up for debate and I presented them both and they both received the endorsement of the delegate body….”

Thompson adds that although they ran out of time for the fourth resolution, it was forwarded to the UBCM Executive, and wasn’t the only resolution pertaining to BC Housing this year. She says it was inspired by the 2nd Street project proposal in Grand Forks.

She says they left feeling accomplished:

“We had in my opinion, very successful meetings with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, and with The Premier; I believe that we were heard….”

Thompson adds she put forward a motion at UBCM 2017 regarding abolishing Daylight Savings Time, and is pleased to see the conversation continued through 2019:

“I’m really quite pleased! Although it isn’t exactly the resolution I put forward I’m not unhappy with how they’re proceeding with this…. I’m happy.”

She says she came away from this year’s convention feeling very positive.