Grand Forks Fire Rescue responded to an unattended campfire Thursday night on Kettle River Drive.

“Thanks to the person…. a call came in reported from a person across the street at the early inception of the fire, and then we got multiple calls that the fire had spread and lead to the shelter and it was quite more visible…. it sounds like somebody maybe had set up a little shelter along probably the riverbank there.” Deputy Fire Chief Richard Piché tells the MyGrandForksNow newsroom. “It was a pretty quick knockdown by the first crew that arrived, and they deployed a single line and gave a defensive attack, got it more or less knocked down. The second engine that arrived…. we had a couple personnel in air-packs and then deployed a second line and they were able to get right to the seed of the fire.”

Piché adds that from that point the fire took less than ten minutes to knockdown. The call came in at just after 9PM yesterday, October 4th.