As October 21st draws closer, local candidates are continuing on their campaign trails. South Okanagan West Kootenay MP Richard Cannings represents the NDP.

He stopped by the MyGrandForksNow newsroom shortly after his recent debate in Silverton – he says it was enjoyable:

“So people appreciate the fact there that I am an ecologist, that I wanted to be that voice of science in government, fighting for action on climate change, fighting to preserve out air and water and land, resources that Canada holds so dear.”

He adds that he’s also been fighting for the people of Grand Forks in parliament post-flood:

“We wanted to bring the people of North-Ruckle especially…. If they are being disrupted that they should get fair value for their homes, and I’m still fighting for that. I’m writing back and forth with The Minister and I’m talking to the people in the provincial government as well.”

He lists the Columbia Treaty Negations as efforts he’s especially proud of regarding the West Kootenays. Currently the Liberal and Conservative parties lead the race with the NDP trailing behind.