A housing announcement was held Friday in Grand Forks. This as BC Housing’s 19th Street affordable housing development is wrapped up, and is expecting to take in residents early November. Boundary Family Services is set to operate the project in partnership with BC Housing.

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Selina Robinson was present for the ribbon cutting ceremony:

One section of the BC Housing 19th Street affordable housing development. (Alex Alan, MyGrandForksNow.com staff)

“We just look forward to continuing to do these kinds of projects, working with communities to make sure that people have the housing that they need. For too long people have gone without….”

Minister Robinson says the project is one of a kind:

“It’s the fist time that we’ve seen townhouses that are built with the modular construction, and so this is a new product as they call it for us to see…. I was just really eager to take a look and see what it looks like so it’s the very first time that we’ve seen this and I look forward to seeing if there are other opportunities for us to deliver….”

This development is through the Community Housing Fund, part of a 1.9 billion dollar investment over 10 years to build over 14,000 mixed-income rental homes across B.C. Of the 52 rental units there are one, two, and three bedroom homes available. 30% of units are set for middle-income households, 50% are for low to moderate income households, and 20% are for low income. That in a press release from the province. Monthly rentals range between $375 for one-bedroom units, and $1,150 dollars for three-bedroom units.