The River Valley Community Church is gearing up for the seventh annual Halloween celebration. Organizer Gabe Warriner says this year’s theme is superheroes.

He says the event features a superhero cityscape:

“We wanted to show kids how creative they can be with materials that are free. We built the entire city out of cardboard and so kids will be able to wander through a cityscape, that looks local with all the signs, and they’ll have an opportunity to shoot villains….”

He says organizers have worked extra hard this year:

“This year we’ve put the most work into it, we actually started building it in July and so it’s going to be our biggest event so far…. It was something that started locally for some kids in our church that just grew over time, it just got bigger….”

Warriner adds that it also features activities such as a Hulk Smash City and a candy store for trick or treaters that are walking through. He says the event is geared towards those 12-years old and younger, but is suitable for the whole family. The superhero Halloween celebration goes from six to eight on the evening of October 31st.