All this current news making you a bit crazy or a bit stressed? I worked in international news in the Middle East for many years I know it can get to you, even if it is your job. However I learned a few things and I will share a few pointers.

The most important? Wash your hands…

This action is literal and figurative.

Literally, it is important to remember to stop the movement of contamination by washing your hands when going from outdoors to indoors. This is so you do not carry things indoors. Indoors is our safe haven. These havens are work, home, or the local shops.

Figuratively speaking, every sense we have transfers information to the brain so we can process it. Information in its purest form has no emotion. Attaching emotion to information is a very deep process in the brain. Using news as information and not emotion is not easy to do, but it is possible to control.  Think of the news as information and information only. If the information is a TORNADO, then you have to make a plan to evacuate. Running around the house screaming will not save you. Am I right? Agreed? There you go. Take the information and then wash your hands of it. If there is no imminent threat go ahead with your day.  Keep it in mind of your actions, but don’t carry it around. Leave it outside!

So, in the current situation will your neighbours abandon you? Will your family? Likely not. So do not worry or get stressed out. There are many people in the chain that care here to take care of everyone. If we need to hold potlucks every night we will do it. Right?

So… let’s wash our hand now shall we?

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