In Grand Forks, engineering design for flood protection infrastructure will soon be underway and moving toward meeting the goals outlined in the Grand Forks Disaster Mitigation & Adaptation Fund (DMAF) Program.

Mayor Brian Taylor says the funding will have an effect for the community over the next hundred years. He also stated that the buy out of the North Ruckle neighbourhood is almost complete with 90% of owners.

The owners  have settled on a fair purchase price for their homes. The neighbourhood is schedules for removal due to flooding.

The provincial agreement has been signed, and the City recently received $22 million of the approved $31.5 million. Most of these funds will be spent in 2020 for property purchases.

The federal contribution of $20 million is expected soon with the majority of funds being for infrastructure upgrades to be complete by 2023. The City also expects to spend between $3 – 4 million on design and construction in the downtown core before next year’s freshet season.

The program goals include the elimination and/or significant reduction of flood risk, preservation and optimization, environment stewardship and the creation and enhancement of public green spaces.

Other funding recently announced for the RDKB is nearly $150,000 which is part of a $69.5 million Community Emergency Preparedness Fund for flood and geo-hazard risk assessment.

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