The Board room Cafe held a private premiere Wednesday night of the Grand Forks music video version of Justin Hines hit single “Say What You Will”.

Justin’s record company The Orange Lounge collaborated with a group of collaborators in the city to create a video that showcases the resilience and compassion of Grand Forks.

The song, written in 2009, reached number one on the charts in Canada and South Africa.

Justin is married to Board Room Cafe Owner Savannah Hines and Juice FM had the chance to talk to Savanna regarding the project. She said that she hopes the video will encourage people to visit Grand Forks as most people that search the city online only see stories regarding the flood of 2018.

On the evening of Friday July 17, the Board Room Cafe (353 Market Ave Grand Forks, BC) will be hosting a public showing of the video.

For more information please visit or call them at (250) 442-2728