Grand Forks RCMP officers have been keeping busier this year compared to the
same time last year. In July of this year, officers attended to 374 calls for service,
281 in Grand Forks and 93 in Christina Lake. This is a 15% increase from the
same time period last year where officers attended 323 calls for service, with 237
in Grand Forks and 86 out at Christina Lake.

As for the August long weekend, officers have seen a 30% increase in calls for
service compared to the 2019 August long weekend. Over this long weekend,
officers attended 74 calls for service, with 35 in Grand Forks and 39 in the
Christina Lake area. Compared to 2019 where 57 calls for service were made with
34 in Grand Forks and 23 at Christina Lake.

As for the type of calls the officers are attending. “We are seeing a wide variety of
calls typical in the summer months,” says Grand Forks Detachment Commander,
Sergeant Darryl Peppler. “With an increase in people visiting our region or
driving through, we are attending many erratic driving calls, animals left in
vehicles, noise complaints, and loss of property files.” In addition, some of the
other calls for service officers attended were: 12 check well-being files, 11 assault
matters, 15 mischief under $5000, 23 suspicious persons, 12 causing a disturbance,
9 theft under $5000, 24 abandoned 911 calls, and 20 false alarm files. As for the
other calls for service, officers attended 26 separate driving complaints, 8 noise
bylaw matters, 11 property loss files, and 15 calls related to animals.


*** RCMP press release***