With support from the BC Wildfire Service, the Selkirk Resource District is conducting a 36-hectare ecosystem restoration burn just west of Grand Forks.

The burn will take place near the Gibbs Creek area and crews said smoke will be visible from Grand Forks, surrounding communities, and those driving along Highway 3.

Fire crews said the burn could begin as early as tomorrow, weather depending.

“Burning will proceed only if conditions are suitable and allow for smoke dispersal, though light smoke may linger in the following days.”

According to the BC Wildfire Service, the key goals of the restoration is:

  • Reduce forest fuels
  • Rejuvenate shrub
    • Herb
    • Grass layer
  • Enhance wildlife habitat for deer and elk
  • Improve biodiversity at the tree stand level
  • Reduce the risk of wildfires in the area