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Trudeau calls Putin’s actions in Ukraine crimes against humanity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is absolutely right that more and more people start calling Russia’s war on Ukraine a genocide. 

He says he agrees with U.S. President Biden that there are official processes around determinations of the act. Trudeau says the use of targeted attacks against civilians, hospitals, maternity wards, and train stations filled with people fleeing is nothing short of crimes against humanity.

“The deliberate use of sexual violence against the Ukrainian population as a way of creating horrific scenes. The way that they are attacking Ukrainian identity and culture these are all things that are war crimes,” Trudeau says.

Trudeau says these are all things that Vladimir Putin is responsible for, adding that’s why Canada was one of the first countries to move forward at the International Criminal Court to hold the Russian invader responsible.

He says the federal government is also dispatching RCMP investigators to make sure that the full truth is known and that Putin and his “cronies” be held fully to account.

***With files from Mo Fahim

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