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Fund for Beaverdell dog with gunshot wounds tops $40K

The BC SPCA has raised more than $40,000 for a dog found abandoned in Beaverdell suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

Rose was discovered over the May long weekend along with another dog.

“Rose was abandoned on a property along with her brother for over a week when their owner was evicted,” says Kelowna branch manager Sean Hogan “The landlord discovered them but waited to see if the owner would come back, but unfortunately, he never did.”

During a storm, the dogs got frightened and ran into the woods. When they came back to the property the male dog had minor injuries, but Rose had multiple, serious injuries.

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“When she arrived at the shelter Rose’s wounds were severe, infected, becoming necrotic, and she could barely eat or drink,” says Hogan.

“We immediately got her to an emergency veterinary hospital where they made her more comfortable and began attending to her wounds. While they were attending to the wounds they discovered buckshot scattered in them and determined that she had been shot.”

Rose has required multiple procedures to save her. She has undergone extensive primary wound closure surgery on her face and neck. She also had a chest wound that was so severe a honey bandage was required to promote new skin growth before they could do wound closure surgery.

Hogan says Rose has drainage tubes in her abscessed wounds, but may require additional surgery to reopen the wounds to check for more debris if the drainage doesn’t resolve the abscesses. She is currently on pain medications, antibiotics and fluids and requires 24-hour care due to the multiple bandage changes each day, along with daily check-ins and monitoring from the veterinarians at the emergency hospital.  

“Rose is a sweet, shy girl,” says Hogan. “Although she is very scared, nervous, and in shock, she is still being as loving and affectionate as she can be. Everyone at the hospital has fallen in love with her, and cannot believe that after being shot, she is able to trust them to help and take care of her.”

Hogan says Rose is on an upward path and even though she has a long road of recovery ahead of her, the prognosis is good and they are hopeful she will have a full recovery and will be available for adoption.

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