Everett Baker top spender in Grand Forks election

(Photo by Pixabay)

Everett Baker spent the most among candidates for mayor and council in Grand Forks in last fall’s election campaign, according to financial disclosures on the ElectionsBC website.

Baker spent $1,529 en route to winning the mayor’s seat. Runner-up Danna O’Donnell spent $1,334. Third-place finisher Alec Brownlee raised $1,000 but only spent $632. Stan Sharkey, who was fourth, spent $1,072.

Among the 10 people who stood for council, two were elected without spending a dime: Zak Eburne-Stoodley, who topped the polls, and incumbent Neil Krog.

The top spender was Rod Zielinski at $1,124, who won a seat. Among the others who won, David Mark spent $520, Deborah LaFleur spent $379, and incumbent Christine Thompson spent $270.

Among those who fell short, former councillor Patrick O’Doherty spent $550, Anna Leksinska spent $498, Kenton McNutt spent $481, and Niki Best spent $451.