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‘Water levels are starting to recede’: RDKB official

The RDKB says they are optimistic about lifting some evacuation orders and alerts, but residents in the region who were evacuated might not be able to return home just yet.

The region has seen flooding over the past week that saw 50 homes receive an evacuation order, and another 600 properties on alert.

Emergency operations centre director Mark Stephens says the worst could be over, but he is asking residents to still remain vigilant because the situation could change at a moments notice.

“The streams, rivers and headwaters have crested. That crest is making its way through the system and we will start seeing rivers drop hopefully shortly in, and around, the area,” he says.

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“We still need to continuously monitor to make sure it is safe for people to return home.”

Stephens says there is still a lot of work once water levels have receded to make sure homes, structures and the environmental conditions are safe for those affected to return to their homes.

“We are still getting some good recognizance whether we need to do any rapid damage assessments, both structurally and from a river level perspective,” he says.

Stephens says only a handful of people have needed to use emergency shelters after being evacuated, and he is grateful for the support of Red Cross.

“Roughly 20 household have had to use emergency shelters,” he says. “We are grateful Red Cross has provided support to those in need.”

Stephens says even though the district is seeing some relief in weather and flood waters it is important to ease restrictions in order make sure people are safe.

“I think it is important to keep our temporary protection measures up to protect residents and properties,” he says. “I think we need to keep them up for a little bit longer to make sure hazards in snowpack and the weather are reduced.”

He says once the restrictions have been lifted residents can access information on the RDKB’s website on how to get rid of their sandbags.

Flood warnings were issued by the province last week after increased temperatures and rain increased the capacity of rivers and streams.

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