Grand Forks RCMP report spike in vehicle thefts and attempts over the weekend

(Photo supplied by Pixaby)

Grand Forks RCMP have issued a reminder to the public on basic safety tips to prevent vehicle thefts after receiving five reports of stolen vehicles and attempts over the weekend.

A media release from the detachment stated that the first report came in around 10 a.m. on April 25th, when a resident on the 7100 block of Riverside Drive reported a 2011 Chevy Camaro was taken from their residence.

The detachment said the theft had likely occurred several days prior but was just noticed by the homeowner.

The vehicle was recovered shortly after, abandoned by the Hwy 3 and Nursery Road pullout. The incident is under investigation.

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The next call came in at 9:30 a.m. on April 27th with a homeowner on the 6000 block of Nursery Road reporting that the keys to their side-by-side UTV were taken and the actual side-by-side moved, but left on the property.

The following day on April 28th, the detachment received three complaints of early morning vehicle thefts and attempts.

The first was reported at 6:30 a.m. when a homeowner noticed their dark blue 2013 Dodge Caravan was taken from their home on 85th Ave and Riverside Drive. The vehicle has yet to be recovered.

Then, between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. the detachment received two calls from residences in the Riverside Drive are reporting that their vehicles had been accessed and rummaged through. However, nothing was taken and neither vehicle had any damage.

Detachment Commander Sergeant Darryl Peppler said that although these incidents are uncommon in the Grand Forks area, they do happen and it’s important for residents to take precautions.

“Our message to the community is to be vigilant and be aware. Keep an eye out on your property and your neighbor’s property. Look for anything that’s suspicious. And if you do see something suspicious, don’t hesitate. Please call that in.”

Peppler said that homeowners can take the following steps to minimize the risk of becoming a target.

“First and foremost, lock your vehicles up at night and make sure your valuables inside are removed. Thieves often look for easy targets and an unlocked door and items inside are just too tempting for them.”

He also encourages residents to install motion detector security lights, as they can be a great deterrent for potential thieves and emphasizes the benefits of security cameras.

“We encourage people to have cameras that are both seen and hidden. Having the cameras seen will let a person know ‘Oh, this is a camera. This house is being recorded. I better move on,’” he said.

“Lastly one of the other tips we tell people is on their landscaping. You want to keep your shrubs and your bushes neat and tidy. You don’t want people to hide in them, and you want your neighbors to be able to see you and you want to be able to see your neighbors.”

Peppler believes the weekend’s spike is likely just a few people out in the area looking for several targets to hit, which is why it’s important for residents to take a few steps to minimize the risk of becoming a target.

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