Residents asked to be cautious as fawning season approaches

(Supplied by the City of Cranbrook)

Deer will begin having babies over the next few months, and WildSafe BC is reminding you to be cautious and keep your distance from any fawns you may see.

Danica Lisk, Community Coordinator for Cranbrook and Kimberley, said fawning season runs from mid-May to June.

“Female deer can be very protective of their young and have been known to attack people and their dogs,” said Lisk.

Lisk said you should be cautious, as you may unexpectedly run into a fawn.

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“Fawns have no scent and will wait quietly in a secluded area until their mother returns to nurse them,” said Lisk. “At this time of year, if you see a doe by itself, it doesn’t mean its baby is not around.”

If you see a fawn on its own, you should make sure to give it a wide berth.

Lisk said this is especially important if you have a dog with you.

“Deer attacks mainly occur with a dog, because deer see them as a predator,” said Lisk.

Even in fawning season, deer in urban environments may behave differently than their wild counterparts.

“Deer in town have generational behaviour and know they’re safer here, but in the wild, they are quite skittish and will run away,” said Lisk.

“Whereas in town, they are more likely to stand their ground. That’s always a change, we’re constantly trying to figure out how we handle it.”

If you see a fawn that appears to be in distress or if it has been in the same place for several days, you can call WildSafeBC.

“We have wildlife rehab facilities that would bring them to a sanctuary,” said Lisk.

“Conservation officers mainly deal with dangerous wildlife.”

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