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Negotiations underway for new trail in North Ruckle

Negotiations are underway for a future section of paved trail along the south shore of the Kettle River.

The idea has already received city council’s approval in principle but it won’t commit any money or in-kind services to the project.

The trail would connect the end of the Darrell Priede Bridge and run east along Interfor land to the new dike trail in North Ruckle.

Chris Moslin with the Grand Forks Community Trails Society understands the city can’t put money or staff time toward the project.

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But he says it’s already contributing a lot through negotiations and the society has a lot of gratitude for council’s support.

“It is a real juggle. We have to get the city, Interfor and Natural Resources all informed and playing together in order to make the project work,” Moslin said.

Natural Resources Canada has to be involved because roughly 70 meters (230 feet) of trail will go through sensitive riverbank land.

“Just the negotiations between the city and Interfor are going to be time consuming and patience is going to be a worthwhile value here as we wait for those negotiations to unfold,” he said.

Once built, the trail would create a new greenway, connecting two sections of the Trans Canada Trail.

Moslin says the section of trail is being designed right now with the help of a grant from the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.

“That’s what we’re trying to accomplish is to connect two paved trails and create a new greenway route for the Trans Canada Trail,” he said.

If a deal is reached, Moslin expects building could start as early as next year.

The society will be fundraising for the trail once the design is complete and the cost of the project is known.

“We’ve started on this. Nobody thinks it’s going to be finished overnight and we all realize it’s a long term project.”

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